Are you ready to lead with your feminine essence and create the business you were born to have?

You’re here because you know there is hidden potential deep within you waiting to be unlocked. Let’s explore how you can create a business fueled by purpose, potential, pleasure, and prosperity by being your natural, radiant self.

Ask yourself

Then, it’s time to do business the feminine way!

The old way of doing business from a wounded masculine foundation—focused on dominating a market, crushing the competition, or using aggressive sales tactics—isn’t working anymore.

For years, women have been struggling to start, grow, or scale their businesses. Our only recipe for success was to act a certain way and conform to masculine tools and methodologies. Many of us end up feeling misaligned or not good enough to claim our place as a feminine leader in today’s business landscape.

The world is calling for women to take off their masculine shield and start embodying their feminine essence, owning their power, claiming their voice, and leading with their natural gifts.

It’s time to integrate all parts of yourself to create a beautiful harmony between your fire and flow, your yin and yang, your actions and intuition.

Are you ready to harmonize your Fire and Flow?

Feminine Business Accelerator is the only program that helps you conquer your fears, clarify your vision, call in your highest potential, charge your worth, and connect authentically with your message and audience.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or in the process of re-aligning or scaling your business, this intimate 4-month program is designed around you: the feminine creator and visionary.

By blending proven business strategies and hands-on processes with creative, expansive, and mixed modalities that nourish and honor your feminine core, this program will give you what you need to create a pleasurable and abundant business and attract a prosperous life you love.

Designing a soul-aligned business requires clarity, vision, a strong foundation, and a series of aligned actions. Without a roadmap, accountability, safe space, and guidance, the process can be daunting, defeating, and even lonely.

Feminine Business Accelerator combines smart business strategies, mindset shifts, feminine embodiment practices, dancing, and leadership skills to help you achieve practical results and rise into the radiant business empress you are meant to be.

This program is for the woman who:


If you find yourself

Then, Feminine Business Accelerator is the answer!

Merging masculine and feminine business strategies with healing and embodiment practices will allow you to awaken the business empress within and invoke real, actionable results.

Together, we will:

This program is not right for you if you:

Feminine Business Accelerator includes

1 x Private Coaching Session

Receive 1 x 60-minute private session with Asmâa (with the option to add additional sessions at extra cost). Massive clarity and transformation can happen during these sessions.

12 x Group Calls

Attend three group calls per month for 90 minutes each. During each call, we dive into module topics and we provide coaching on specific areas of your business.

Supportive Community

Gather in a supportive private community where questions, connections, and celebrations are encouraged during your journey with like-minded sisters.

Sisterhood Pod

Enjoy weekly check-ins with another Queen in the program that will hold you accountable to your vision.

3 x Integration Periods

Embody the teachings and implement strategies and processes in your business during these integration weeks.

1:1 Voice Access

Receive quick voice notes coaching and guidance directly from Asmâa between scheduled group calls.

Practical Resources

Access workbooks, tutorials, and video training to help you flow through the program.

Lifetime Access

Get unlimited access to all modules and recordings of the group calls, so you can re-watch and refresh as much as you need!

Special Discounts

Attend future events, retreats, and masterclasses with a unique member discount price.

Ready to learn impactful business strategies, shift your perspective, and create a solid foundation while understanding, expressing, and nurturing your feminine core?



Hi! I am Asmâa! /ˈäSSma/

As a business strategist, exponential coach, and advocate of Feminine Leadership, I help women entrepreneurs eliminate fear, step into their power, and unlock their full potential to create thriving businesses from their feminine genius.

From being a former Chief Marketing Officer of $10MM companies to mentoring thousands of startup entrepreneurs and creating 6-figure businesses in less than six months, I have learned the optimum ways to start and grow successful companies.

My most significant growth happened when I realized that I felt empty inside and unfulfilled despite my external success. So, I took a bet on myself and I designed practices and modalities that allowed me to put down my wounded masculine shield, unwrap my soulprint hidden behind my fears and doubts, and fully embrace my feminine power.

Today, through my Fire and Flow process, I help women worldwide start, launch, or realign their online businesses.

We work together to remove their veil, activate their feminine power, gain clarity, claim their voice, and turn their zone of genius into a force that fuels their business and life

I am a straight talker with boundless energy and a strong determination to keep my clients accountable to their dreams.

My vision is to create a balance of Fire and Flow in the world. It starts with helping women—like you—access and integrate all their parts: their yin and yang, their masculine and feminine energies, and their fire and flow to ultimately unlock their feminine prosperity.

Let’s rise together!

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20+ years experience leading multi-million dollars marketing and branding projects, as well as teaching entrepreneurial marketing in world-renowned universities.


15+ years working with high-performing teams, corporations, and social communities to help them create engaging and positive culture.


A lifetime mixer of modalities bridging dance, movement, and spirituality with business, mindset shifts, and heart coherence for true harmony and alignment.

In a Nutshell

Feminine Business Accelerator is the perfect match for heart-centered visionaries and conscious women entrepreneurs ready to start or realign a service-based online business that sells coaching programs, digital courses, masterminds, group programs, etc.

By enrolling in Feminine Business Accelerator, you get:

The impact generated by clients

Launched a consulting business making $10,000 per month today!

Saved her marriage by being more in her feminine and claiming her voice back.

Transformed a deep trauma into a non-profit raising over $35,000 per year for families who lost a parent.

Created a successful online art store with $5,000 of monthly sales by giving herself permission to trust her genius and align it with a proven business strategy.

Got a high-level 6-figure contract with fewer credentials through laser coaching on confidence, feminine leadership, and executive presence.

Added over 1 million dollars to the bottom line with a new product launch.

Created a new marketing service that is bringing a recurring revenue of $25,000 per month.

Uncovered her soul purpose, moved to a new city, healed many relationships, and now she lives in a beautiful state of flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

To sign up, simply choose the next step that feels aligned with you here. You can reserve your spot by making a deposit of $500 USD, book a discovery call with Asmâa, or send your questions by email.

The investment for this 4-month intimate business program is $5,000 USD.

We have held nothing back in creating this fantastic program. We want you to be delighted and experience excellent results in your life and business. We offer a 7-day refund policy to the program participants from the day of purchase (whether the cohort started or not), minus an administration fee of $150 USD. We have a high success rate in our programs, and this is due to each participant’s level of commitment and excitement, so please be sure that this program is for you before joining. We want you to be our next success story!

This program is ideal for heart-centered conscious creatives, coaches, consultants, educators, speakers, writers, or entrepreneurs ready to start, grow, or pivot an online business that sells coaching services, digital courses, masterminds, group programs, consulting, and much more.

The program attracts women from around the world. The live group calls usually happen on Tuesdays or Thursdays around 9:30 am or 3:00 pm Pacific Standard Time depending on the member’s timezones in each cohort. The calls are recorded and last for 90 minutes maximum.

You can connect directly with Asmâa by emailing her at am(at)iamasmaa(dot)com.

Rise to the feminine Empress you were born to be

Whether you are a creative, a coach, a consultant, an educator, a speaker, a writer, or an online entrepreneur, it has never been a better time to create a fun, innovative, spacious, and abundant business.

Let’s show you how to find your purpose, spark your fire, trust your rhythm, and embody the feminine ways to create the thriving business you were always meant to have!


You are one step closer to sparking your business potential and trusting your feminine genius.

I’d love to chat with Asmâa about the program and my situation.

I have more questions before signing up or booking a call with Asmâa.

I am set and ready to pay the deposit to secure my spot!

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I’d love to chat with Asmâa about the program and my situation.

I have more questions before signing up or booking a call with Asmâa.