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Chakras Dance:
Embrace Your Feminine Power

Do you feel depleted and exhausted?
Does your body feel tense and rigid?
Do you struggle to receive?
Have you lost your radiance and passion?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. This simply means that you are unbalanced at this stage of your life

Chakras Dance is an experiential activity and a healing movement practice that helps release any emotional blockages in your body and re-balance your energy system. 

It is an empowering inward experience that moves you through different stages of awareness and bring you back home to your true self. 

Through a mix of meditative dance, music, and simple movements, you will connect to your body’s wisdom and be guided into your own inner dance of re-connection and healing.

Cost: $55 USD

This event is from10:00 am PST to 11:30 am PST.


Discover your energy system and learn how to re-tune and re-balance your chakras.


Dissolve blockages and release stuck emotional baggage through meditative dance.


Deepen your heart-mind-body connection and awaken your creative expression and intuition.

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Your Host

Asmâa I. Methqal is a master facilitator, soulful wavemaker, business strategist, and advocate of Feminine Leadership. 

She is the founder of Fire and Flow, an academy where she helps thousands of women leaders and executives worldwide experience deep and rapid transformation, unlock their feminine genius, step up their leadership, and turn their true essence into a vibrant life full of prosperity, purpose, and potential.

Her mission is to empower over a million women to claim their feminine leadership, channel their fire, and live in a state of flow.

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Trust Your Rythm.
Activate Your Feminine Power.

This chakras dance grooveshop is a fun and vital practice to help you release any blocked emotional energy that isn’t serving you and restore your energy system to a healthier state of vibrancy. Join the next session now.