How to Claim Your Voice as Womxn

A big shift is happening worldwide where womxn are starting to find, claim their voice, and speak up. They are tired of hiding, playing it small, and following the status quo. A new wave is shaping where more voices are called to be heard, and more people are invited to stand in their true power and showcase their executive presence. Asmâa I. Methqal shares three practical tips to help womxn […]

Overcome Fear Of Judgment

Is it time for you to silence your inner critic and stop fearing what others think about you?  Fear of judgment is a familiar feeling for most of us. It happens when we give too much power to the opinions of others and when outside influences easily taint our internal views. This fear becomes so burdensome that it causes social anxiety that prevents us from appreciating the present moment and […]

Boost Your Energy to Attract Wealth

Many leaders and entrepreneurs are experiencing a lack of emotional energy. They feel exhausted, uninspired, and go through the mental fog and emotional fatigue.  The mind and emotions are interconnected. It takes a lot of physical, mental, and emotional stamina to run a business or lead a professional life. Your emotional state and your energy levels truly affect your overall lifestyle and what you can accomplish.  Learn three mental and […]

Label Your Emotions Like a Pro

How many emotions can you label during your conversations? There are over 3,000 emotions and most people can only identify 12 during their communications. The best gift you can offer yourself is to learn to recognize, understand, label, express, and regulate your emotions to build your emotional intelligence over time. Learn how to unpack your emotional experiences and discover the benefits of using a simple tool “the mood meter”. This […]

Stop the Emotional Roller Coaster

Feeling lost, stuck and confused? We live on an emotional roller coaster shifting endlessly from feeling renewed to depleted.  Like fire, emotions can warm us or burn us, and many of us are fighting against our emotions because we are missing the proper tools to take control back. These two simple techniques will help you build new emotional habits and learn how to rise above your emotions, so you can […]