How to Claim Your Voice as Womxn

A big shift is happening worldwide where womxn are starting to find, claim their voice, and speak up. They are tired of hiding, playing it small, and following the status quo. A new wave is shaping where more voices are called to be heard, and more people are invited to stand in their true power and showcase their executive presence. Asmâa I. Methqal shares three practical tips to help womxn […]

Overcome Fear Of Judgment

Is it time for you to silence your inner critic and stop fearing what others think about you?  Fear of judgment is a familiar feeling for most of us. It happens when we give too much power to the opinions of others and when outside influences easily taint our internal views. This fear becomes so burdensome that it causes social anxiety that prevents us from appreciating the present moment and […]

The Routine of Successful People

Are you looking for a simple daily routine to help you conquer your day and add more ease and flow into your life? Whether you have a love or hate relationship with mornings, you can create an effective routine that sets the tone for your day to be more productive, healthy, and focused. In this article, I’ll guide you through the M.A.G.I.C. Formula I designed to support my vitality and […]

Grow Your Executive Presence

Have you ever wondered why we need executive presence? Why is it becoming a must-have skill set? Executive presence is the ability to exude confidence, communicate clearly and eloquently, and command attention, which in return inspires others. The good news is that you can strengthen your leadership presence through focused practice. The reality is that executive presence does not come easily and naturally to women. From a young age, our […]

Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

Do you feel overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout? If that’s the case, you may need to prioritize your feminine energy activation. Learn three practical ways to tap into your feminine energy and activate your flow on a daily basis. These actions will help you create a healthy balance of your energies and lead from your feminine essence. Access Your Energies Chart Discover which energies you are naturally activating […]

Master Your Thoughts With One Question

The best skill you can build to live an enriched life is to master your thoughts. This is your key to creating a proactive shift into a growth mindset. The quality of our thoughts control our emotions, thus our action or inaction which ultimately impact the quality of our lives. Many of us have this unconscious dominant question we keep asking ourselves over and over again throughout the day, unfortunately, […]

The Art of Feminine Receiving

Women are used to overusing their masculine strengths and values to lead their lives and businesses. It is time to stop feeling guilty and start mastering the art of feminine receiving to unlock more purpose, play, pleasure, and prosperity.  Here are three simple ways to shift from overgiving to allowing yourself to receive the feminine way. Download Your Copy of the Rise of the Feminine Power eBook Discover 5 effective […]

The Art of Asking For What You Want

Many people struggle to make an ask or answer people who genuinely want to help them. There is an art in asking for what you want.  Discover three ways to help you reframe your story and identify opportunities around you to feel supported. Download Your Copy of the Rise of the Feminine Power eBook Discover 5 effective ways to activate and embrace your feminine power!

Boost Your Energy to Attract Wealth

Many leaders and entrepreneurs are experiencing a lack of emotional energy. They feel exhausted, uninspired, and go through the mental fog and emotional fatigue.  The mind and emotions are interconnected. It takes a lot of physical, mental, and emotional stamina to run a business or lead a professional life. Your emotional state and your energy levels truly affect your overall lifestyle and what you can accomplish.  Learn three mental and […]

Label Your Emotions Like a Pro

How many emotions can you label during your conversations? There are over 3,000 emotions and most people can only identify 12 during their communications. The best gift you can offer yourself is to learn to recognize, understand, label, express, and regulate your emotions to build your emotional intelligence over time. Learn how to unpack your emotional experiences and discover the benefits of using a simple tool “the mood meter”. This […]